The Alma Consortium includes the full range of capabilities required not only to achieve technical excellence per se, but also to turn such excellence into real-world products that will have an impact on the quality of life of actual end-users.

The Consortium is composed of 8 Partners and is coordinated by Dr. Gianni A. Di Caro, from SUPSI-IDSIA:

Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI)




SUPSI (University of Southern Switzerland for Applied Science), in Lugano (Switzreland), acts as coordinator and participate to the project with two divisions: the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA) and the Department of Health (DSAN). IDSIA is a research institute with a staff of about 50 people actively performing both academic and applied research in the domains of artificial intelligence, swarm robotics, operations research, machine learning, telecommunications, probabilistic modeling, simulation.DSAN offers education in nursing, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. The main field of research include studies on the elderly, rehabilitation, and the development and applications of technologies to improve health or decrease disability.

Involved personnel:

  • IDSIA: Gianni A. Di Caro, Michal Kudelski, Eduardo Feo, Jerome Guzzi, Luca Gambardella
  • DSAN: Andrea Cavicchioli, Filippo Bignami, Luca Scascighini, Ruth Hersche, Nunzio De Bitonti


Politecnico di Milano

The Politecnico di Milano participate to the project with the Assistive Technology Group (ATG), a multi-disciplinary working group whose mission is to “Identify, forecast, implement, promote and apply, innovative methods and technologies from ICT for the development of sustainable solutions for frailty people”.

Involved personnel: Matteo Matteucci, Giulio Fontana, Sara Comai, Fabio Salice


Infosolution SpA

InfoSolution SpA is an independent and private Company, certified ISO 9001:2000, with ten years of experience in designing hardware, firmware and software (real time, mission and safety critical) for application in Aerospace and Telecommunication sectors, with three different locations in Italy (Milan, Rome, and Genoa) and more than 40 engineers.

Involved personnel:  Giovanni Tacitus De Salvo, Daniele Marzorati, Alberto Amadori


VCA Technology Ltd

VCA Technology Ltd, UK, is the Video Analytics subsidiary of a medium sized Korean OEM smart camera manufacturer UDP Technology Ltd.

Inv olved personnel: Ben White, Ben Benfold, Geoff Thiel


Istituti Sociali di Chiasso

The Istituti Sociali di Chiasso are a public service of the municipality of Chiasso (Switzerland) that includes four different facilities for older people: the medicalized nursing homes Casa Giardino and Casa Soave, the day care center Centro diurno terapeutico and the recreation day center Centro diurno ricreativo.

Involved personnel: Fabio Maestrini, Sonja Tettamanti


Clinica Hildebrand

The Clinica Hildebrand Centro di Riabilitazione Brissago is one of the most prominent Swiss centers for rehabilitation. It is part of a non-profit organization with headquarters in Brissago (Switzerland).  Clinica Hildebrand is one of the few rehabilitation centers in Europe that complements application of modern therapy approaches for rehabilitation with extensive use of the most advanced technologies, including those derived from robotics and e-health applications.

Involved personnel: Iginio Bassi, Andrea Marforio


University of Wurzburg

The University of Wurzburg (Germany) participate to the consortium with the Research Center “Robot-Law”, that was founded in summer of 2010 and deals with the legal issues in the field of robotics.

Involved personnel: Lisa Blechschmitt, Severin Loeffler, Eric Hilgendorf


Degonda SA

Degonda Rehab SA, in Lausanne (Switzrerland), produces electrical wheelchairs widely used across Europe. They are active in orthopedic consultancy, and sale, positioning, individual fitting and servicing of wheelchairs since 1978. They have 3 service centers for electric and manual wheelchairs and other orthopedic products. All own-made products are manufactured in Uetendorf, Switzerland.

Involved personnel: Andre' Degonda