This page contains videos shot during the ALMA test phase at Istituti Sociali, Chiasso, Switzerland (ISC).

The Istituti Sociali di Chiasso are a public service of the municipality of Chiasso that includes four different facilities for older people: two medicalized nursing homes, a day care center and a recreation day center. These four facilities cover all the issues regarding basic medical assistance, and short- and long-term homing for the elder, providing specialized medical structures and a total of 126 beds for long-term staying




The Personal Navigation Assistant


The Personal Navigation Assistant is a tablet-like device that offers a personalized interface to interact with ALMA services. The interface is specifically tailored to elderly users with strong emphasis on speech and simple visual clues.


The video shows a preliminary test of person interacting with the PNA. The person selects a target location on the graphical interface. The PNA interacts with the ALMA Integration and Planning Module to retrieve the best route towards the location. The PNA tracks the position of the person along the route through an algorithm that precisely count steps. The PNA guides the person step by step towards the location by displaying visual clues on the screen and by giving direction through speech.




The Personal Mobility Kit


The Personal Mobility Kit (PMK) controls a commercial wheelchair and makes it behave smartly. The PMK provides assistance to wheelchair drivers, ranging from helping to avoid obstacle up to autonomous driving.


The video follows a wheelchair user during a typical daily routine: picking an object from the shelf, going to the restroom, moving to the lunchroom, taking an elevator. The PMK assists the wheelchair driver in difficult situations to prevent hitting an obstacle and facilitate the fine grained wheelchair control (similar to what assisted parking does for car drivers).



The video features a PMK equipped wheelchair navigating autonomously between people attending a scientific fair in Milano.



The video shows how the ALMA smart wheelchair navigates autonomously at POLIMI labs in Milano, moving between narrow obstacles.



In the video, the ALMA smart wheelchair moves autonomously at POLIMI labs in Milano. The wheelchair safely avoids dynamic obstacles, like people crossing its trajectory.




The Camera Module


An array of smart time-of-flight cameras monitor the environment and track people and wheelchair. The video show images from two tests, done in different development phases. The first video shows the output provided by the segmentation and classification algorithms  on part of the dataset (recorded at POLIMI) used for training the algorithms.  The second part of the video shows the Camera Module at work at ISC, Chiasso. One time-of-flight camera tracks all people and wheelchair travelling in a corridor, classifying between both types.




The Integration and Planning Module (IPM)


The ALMA Integration and planning module is a web-server. It receives updates from sensors and provides planning services to users.


The video walks through the IPM HTML interface where a user can inspect, configure, and test the ALMA system. Users can navigate and edit vectorial buildings map, which are updated in real time based on the output of ambient sensors. All planning services offered by the IPM can be tested within a friendly interactive graphical interface. The video also shows the communication interfaces towards all ALMA components. 



The video focuses on one of the planning service provided by the Integration and Planning Module: trajectory planning for smart wheelchairs. The video features initial tests in our laboratory on a mobile robot that plays the role of the smart wheelchair.